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TESTIMONIALS What Other Say About Us


We live in Pleasanton, within 4 miles of a "full service dive shop" but. we drive 1.5 hours each way to Modesto to shop at Aquatic Dreams - they're THAT much better. We've purchased all our gear from them. They're such an amazing, very knowledgeable and friendly staff. We've been on 3 international dive trips with the shop - Cozumel, Bonaire and Fiji. Every trip has been an amazing adventure. The shop takes care of every little detail for us, we just show up and have fun. We're looking forward to adventure #4, Caymen Brac in Dec. 2016. Bonnie, Scuba Steve, Dave and everyone there are all a great group we're lucky to have as our dive buddies. 

 Kris S., November 2016


We recently went on the Cayman Brac scuba trip with Aquatic Dreams. Our trip was fabulous and exceeded all expectations. Bonnie Vance and Steve Riddle from Aquatic Dreams made sure that everyone was well taken care of from transportation to luggage and especially making sure everyone was happy. What makes Aquatic Dreams better than any other dive center is the fantastic customer service. Steve Riddle provided me with a swimming pooling scuba tune up to help refresh my diving skills (been 5 yrs since my last dive). He also made sure my personal equipment was functioning properly. Which it was not, I would not have know and would have lost a day of diving if he had not repaired my BC prior to our trip. More importantly, Steve helped me be more confident and SAFE by making sure i was reacquainted with all the important skills. End result, I was as relaxed as could be on my dives and confident! Thanks Steve for making my trip even better!

 Leslie Canham, December 2016


I just wrote this on my timeline but I'll say it again. Aquatic Dreams is a dive shop that goes above and beyond for their customers. Their staff is amazing. They truly care about their customers and it shows in everything they do. Their owner is fabulous and all business owners should take notice of how she handles her shop. Their instructors are superior and each one of them are considered dear friends and are like family to me. I completed my Master Scuba certification this year and it was in large party made possible by Steve Riddle, Bonnie Vance, David Daily, Dave Wagner and Leslie Broderson. There are many dive shops out the there but NOT like Aquatic Dreams. They truly are one of the best shops and they honestly do make your dreams in the aquatic realm a safe and amazing reality.

 Steve Benner, December 2016


We love Aquatic Dreams! We went on six or seven trip with the team and had wonderful trips each time! Bonnie always took meticulous care of all the details and Steve scheduled the best dives and dive masters. We have many fond memories of our time with all the great people at Aquatic Dreams.

 Karen McCarty Fink, October 2016


My name is Scott and Todd Watts is my instructor.  I would like to try and express my gratitude at having the good fortune of such a coach as Todd Watts. From the very start, he emphasized how if he felt my buddy and I weren't cutting it, he would dismiss us. Gently of course. Scuba is life support and that didn't really sink in until I took my first breath. He has been patient with me, especially in repeating his hand signals underwater when I had brain pause. Never more than 2 feet away at all times, when I had leg cramps (which happens a lot), he was on me within a second. His pace underwater was such that I didn't have to work to keep up! I now feel I could continue to become a proficient diver in time, and am looking forward to Buoyancy and Navigation with Todd. Absolutely no regrets!!

Scott Dewing

Everyone here is super friendly and helpful. Rain is my favorite teacher, very patient, upbeat and works well with everyone. 

Courtney Owens


Aquatic Dreams has a great staff. As a diver, I wanted my family to experience the wonders of the sea as much as I do. Very natural fears lay in the way for this to happen, previous drowning experience and natural parental fears surrounding that experience. But we found that instructor Scuba Steve Riddle. He first trained and certified one of my young daughters and eventually was able to work with my wife and brought her through all those fears of her childhood. Incredible instructor and friend. I have him to thank for the wonderful times we now have as a family diving together and sharing in our wonderful oceans. If you have doubts or fears of diving into the unknown or someone whom you really wish would join you diving, go to Aquatic Dreams and ask for Steve. He did it for my family and countless others, and he will do it for you. 

 Les Warkentin


Prior to taking the course, I had always wanted to become a scuba diver, but was admittedly nervous about diving. However, my anxiety was immediately eased from day one of class. Whether we were in the classroom or in the pool learning skills, Todd always ensured that each and every student was competent and comfortable with the task at hand before proceeding with the next lesson. Sometimes, that meant explaining an idea or demonstrating a skill multiple times. No matter how many times Todd had to repeat himself, his positive attitude and patience never wavered. I always felt comfortable approaching him for help, which is extremely important to me. In addition, Todd's finest attributes as an instructor is his devotion to safety. Knowing that diving is an inherently dangerous activity, he always emphasized proper equipment handling and diving techniques to ensure the safety of all students. My trust in him while diving is absolute.

Ashleigh G.


We just completed the scuba discovery to decide if we wanted to continue and get our scuba certifications. I must say we have a fantastic time. Andy, the instructor, was amazing. Incredibly personable, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great experience. We will definitely be back to sign up for the certification course!


I brought my granddaughter here for lessons. She is 7 and very afraid to put her face in the water. Stacie was very patient with her, and got her to put her face in the water the 2nd day. As I said, the little one was very afraid. We did 4, 1 hour lessons, and it was well worth the money and time. I would definitely recommend bring anyone here for lessons.

Bev D.


Aquatic Dreams friends to people with autism. Helped our son get a wetsuit. Very patient and supportive customer service. Can't say enough about these folks.


I have trying online as well as calling around to numerous dive shops looking for a plastic Caribbean fish id card for a trip to Aruba. Shouldn't be too hard you would think. No luck, wither places were closed, didn't call back, problems with their websites, etc. I called Aquatic Dreams and Steve answered the phone, extremely helpful as he had to go through fish id cards for all over the world (talk about in stock) and found one for Aruba. Put it aside with my name on it. Great customer service for a small ticket item, which leads me to believe i will continue to be pleased with future dealings.

Carolyn T.


I always assumed I would need to travel to the coast to learn to scuba dive. I was pleasantly surprised to find an excellent scuba shop right in my own town. David Daily is one of several qualified instructors who ensure the safety and success of eager scuba students. The staff is friendly and accommodating, the facility is clean, pleasant and most of all, when you reach the open water phase of the course, you're confident with your new found skills.



I have been coming here for the last decade, staring with my open water cert. The store's sales team are very knowledgeable and are willing to share that knowledge. Obviously, if we continue diving then its a win-win for all!! I have just recommended them to my son and daughter. They are now a multi-generation dive shop. Join their club for dive buddies and discounts, another win-win! Thanks Bonnie and Steve for keeping me going and the rest of the staff for the support.

Thomas H. 


Amazing Service and instruction. My husband and I took 4 hours of private snorkeling and free diving lessons with Hannah. She was so relaxed and professional. Great attitude and knowledge. My husband could barely put his face in the water and after 2 lessons he's a great snorkeler, enjoyed the free diving and learned to kick on his back. Can't wait to try the Intro to Scuba next! Come and check out Aquatic dreams for your water training needs! 

Kathy Ray